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Since competition in the dental industry is cutthroat and it is getting harder and harder to attract clients, dental practices must be creative and strategic in their approach.  And one of the ways to do that is to host a dental open day to promote their treatment and showcase their… Read More

Struggling to find patients? Consider hosting an open day for your dental practice to attract potential private clients and spread your brand awareness in your local community.  Whether you are a dental practice startup facing difficulty finding patients or establishing one to increase footfall and brand awareness, an open house… Read More

Social media is the perfect platform to market and communicate your offerings to your existing and potential customers. In this, memes play a vital role. Sometimes witty and sometimes informative - memes surely catch everyone’s attention. While every brand’s marketing team is engaged in creating memes, dental marketing experts are… Read More

Are you seriously vying to take your dental practice to newer heights? Even after trying most conventional dental marketing ways, you are still wondering about the non-satisfactory results. Most dental marketing experts recommend Google Ads as the best platform for dental clinics and practitioners to promote their practice via dental… Read More

Email, is a recognised communication medium that is formal and effective. Businesses worldwide consider email campaigns as part of their marketing strategy, and dental marketing is no exception. For best results, dental practitioners engage experienced dental marketing experts for creating result-oriented email marketing strategies. Some of Best Email Marketing Strategies… Read More