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5 Proven Email Marketing Strategies for Dentists

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Email, is a recognised communication medium that is formal and effective. Businesses worldwide consider email campaigns as part of their marketing strategy, and dental marketing is no exception.

For best results, dental practitioners engage experienced dental marketing experts for creating result-oriented email marketing strategies.

Some of Best Email Marketing Strategies For Your Dental Practice.

Personalise emails for better retention

The most successful email campaigns are personalised. You should not follow one size fits all approach for your email communication. Personalisation helps you connect with a patient and provide relevant solutions. Remember, it is always cost-effective to retain an existing patient than acquire a new one.

Craft creative subject line to hold interest

The subject of your email must be creative enough to hold the recipient’s interest. As per research, including the reader’s name in the email subject line ensures more chances of the recipient’s reading.  Also, the subject line should be short and crisp. It should not be more than five words. You can also take help from a dental marketing expert.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content is a tried & tested email marketing technique for dentists. You can always request your patients to provide online reviews and ratings. This enables existing patients to connect with you while it may influence potential patients to schedule an appointment with your clinic. It is also recommended to include hashtags in your email and request your recipients to post their hashtagged pictures on social media platforms.

Encourage Sharing on Social Media

It is good to integrate your email marketing strategy with your social media marketing and improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Social media postings can help you grow your email list. For this, you can post engaging content or run a signup campaign. You can mention your social media handles in your email so the recipients can click and visit your page.

Track performance via Analytics

You can always check your recipient’s activity when they follow links from your email. Google Analytics can help you track this data which can help you improve your email messaging and approach. You can figure out ways to convert your potential patients into regular ones. Furthermore, track your email marketing campaign KPIs, including conversion rates, click through rate, and open rate. All this will let you plan your campaigns better.


Email marketing can be a great revenue generator if implemented strategically. Just having email content and a patient list does not guarantee good leads. So, you can engage an experienced dental marketing expert who can help you create a result-oriented email marketing strategy and drive patient engagement and improve the Click through Rate (CTR).