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Benefits of an E-Newsletter for Your Dental Practice

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If you ask any dental marketing expert, they’ll tell you that keeping in contact with your patients is a great way to increase the memorability and credibility of your practice. When you reach out to your patients through emails, they are more likely to value your service and appreciate the information you are sharing with them.

A dental newsletter need not only be about selling your services. An excellent dental newsletter should be informative, educative about your services and encourage referrals. Newsletters earned an open rate of about 22%, meaning your newsletters had more chances of being read than your Facebook posts. Here are our top 6 reasons why dental websites are using newsletters effectively.

Benefits of Dental Newsletters

1.   Maintains an on-top-of-the-mind memorability

A dental newsletter can keep your name and your practice memorable for your patients. Since the communication between you and your patients continues even after their appointment, they are more likely to remember you for their subsequent treatment.

Since you’ll also be offering relevant and educational newsletters, patients will associate you with being reliable and credible.

2.  Allows your Patients to Give you Referrals

If you provide your patients with compelling content, they are more likely to pass the message along within their circles. Besides, referral discounts or offers could also encourage your patients to refer you to someone they know.

3. Target Specific Audiences

You can use dental newsletters to target specific groups of patients depending on demographics and their conditions. You can provide targeting emailers, in addition to company updates or specials, to particular groups of patients to keep the engagement in the future.

4.  Increase Brand Awareness and Visibility

Increasing brand awareness and visibility is perhaps the most significant benefit of dental newsletters. These newsletters provide your business with the much-needed awareness and visibility. When you send your monthly newsletter to a large group of people highlighting new services offered or special discounts, it helps you successfully spread the word about your brand.

5. Reap Large Benefits from a Small Investment

Take any reasonable dental practice, for instance, and you’ll undoubtedly find them using a dental newsletter for their patients. Why is that so? Simply because dental newsletters work, they engage, create reliable impressions and build top-of-the-mind memorability for your practice. Newsletters don’t cost you much in investments, but you can reap immense benefits almost immediately.

6. Get Publicity to Offers and Discounts

Dental newsletters are the perfect ways to spread the word about offers and discounts you provide to your patients. Newsletters also act as retention tools and remainders. For example, you can send a newsletter to your patients about year-end discounts to encourage them to use your services.

Wrapping Up

Dental E-newsletters are the absolute cheapest methods of dental SEO that help you directly communicate with your patients. This method allows you to up-sell your practice, cross-sell offers, maintain cordial relations with your existing patients, and entice them to refer your services to others.