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Since competition in the dental industry is cutthroat and it is getting harder and harder to attract clients, dental practices must be creative and strategic in their approach.  And one of the ways to do that is to host a dental open day to promote their treatment and showcase their… Read More

Struggling to find patients? Consider hosting an open day for your dental practice to attract potential private clients and spread your brand awareness in your local community.  Whether you are a dental practice startup facing difficulty finding patients or establishing one to increase footfall and brand awareness, an open house… Read More

Social media is the perfect platform to market and communicate your offerings to your existing and potential customers. In this, memes play a vital role. Sometimes witty and sometimes informative - memes surely catch everyone’s attention. While every brand’s marketing team is engaged in creating memes, dental marketing experts are… Read More

Are you seriously vying to take your dental practice to newer heights? Even after trying most conventional dental marketing ways, you are still wondering about the non-satisfactory results. Most dental marketing experts recommend Google Ads as the best platform for dental clinics and practitioners to promote their practice via dental… Read More

Email, is a recognised communication medium that is formal and effective. Businesses worldwide consider email campaigns as part of their marketing strategy, and dental marketing is no exception. For best results, dental practitioners engage experienced dental marketing experts for creating result-oriented email marketing strategies. Some of Best Email Marketing Strategies… Read More

Dental software is like a cheat code that can take your practice to the next level without investing a fortune in operations and management. While most dental software have similarities to general-purpose medical software, they come with tools that benefit dentists and orthodontists. Some of these features can streamline your… Read More

Over the past few years, Google Maps has gone from a simple GPS tool to the most popular tool for finding local businesses. As such, it has the potential to reshape the future of any business, including your dental practice. While most dental marketing strategies will help you boost traffic… Read More

The current generation is all about comfort and convenience. Expectations of customers have grown on a large scale, and they want swift access to services, whether it is shopping or dentistry. Dental patients usually have a lot of questions regarding the price, treatment plans, appointment availability, etc., for which they… Read More

The current economic scenario does not always offer patients a way to pay for their treatments at full price. The price of some treatments, such as braces or root canal procedures, can be worth a fortune to some families in the UK. As such, to compete with other practices and… Read More

Getting your patients access to reasonable financing options is vital to let your practice succeed in this tough economy. With the rapid improvement in dental technologies and treatments, the prices of various dental procedures have also been rising. These may be fair as per your quality of treatments. However, many… Read More

Whilst starting your dental marketing campaign, you may come across an array of options for marketing platforms. Everything from social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to paid ads on Google can be effective at bringing in more patients to your practice. However, running a dental practice is extremely competitive… Read More

Marketing for dental practices has evolved at a rapid pace over the past few years. With social media platforms evolving and adding new features ever so often, it can become problematic for practice owners to keep up with the latest trends. Several platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat, are… Read More

The future is Voice Search “Voice recognition from Google already has an accuracy of 95%” We believe you should have a basic understanding of how speech recognition and voice search can impact a business.   Voice Search in The World of Healthcare Voice assistants and voice-enabled tech is changing the… Read More

The Importance of Feedback & Reviews in the Healthcare Industry The Healthcare industry, like many industries, heavily relies on reviews and constant feedback that give crucial insights on the quality of care and patient satisfaction to a large audience. Now more and more people depend on their smartphones, laptops, and… Read More

While dental practices have looked into referral advertising for a long while, and admittedly it has been quite successful, however, owing to the advent of social media the entire reach of advertising has increased exponentially. Yes, patient referrals continue being crucial, however, when you have a social media presence that… Read More

In order to understand how SEO can help your business grow, you need to first understand what SEO is. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of taking your website content, adding to it certain parameters like keywords, text, images etc. and then optimising it in such a fashion that… Read More

Owing to the fact that it is home to established business infrastructure and a burgeoning start-up scenario, Cardiff is now one of the prime locations where entrepreneurs are looking to stake their claim. If you are looking to join the league of businesses that want to capitalise on the wealth… Read More

One of the fastest-growing regions in the UK, Wales is a great option for small businesses and entrepreneurs, to start their start-up journey. Wales is currently home to a huge diversity of sectors that have been seeing the rise of SMEs. Of course, having just the right business proposition or… Read More

Slowly and steadily we are inching towards the holiday season, and soon the festive spirit of Christmas will be upon us. With the advent of technology and digital marketing having a major impact on consumer behaviour, the Internet has brought about a revolution with e-commerce platforms, email marketing, mobile applications,… Read More

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is vital for any business today. With the rampant increase in online business, the competition is fierce and even a small slip can cause things to plummet. SEO is a necessary evil and can take up a lot of your time. To be able to manage… Read More

When building a business online, merely having people visit your website is not enough. You are obviously concerned with how many of them are buying from you and how many of them are being converted into customers! CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) is a process designed to build a strong business… Read More

Pay Per Click, otherwise known as PPC, is a form of search engine marketing (SEM) where the advertiser pays for clicks on an ad. With PPC, you only pay when people interact with your ad — meaning you attract people who are interested in your offer. It helps you get… Read More