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Convert Calls to Leads with AI Based Call Tracking System

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How Does Call Tracking System Work & Help You Progress?

Imagine a tool that keeps tabs on phone calls and generates insights to increase lead conversion. That’s what our call-tracking system does! It records details like where calls come from, who’s calling, and what conversations occur during your calls.

A recording software tracks information like:

  • The source of incoming calls
  • The dialled phone number
  • The location of the caller
  • Recording of phone calls
  • The marketing medium that led to the call
  • The specific landing page visited by the caller
  • The type of device used by the caller
  • UTM parameters associated with the call

With this data, you can analyse the phone traffic from each tracking number, allowing you to adjust your strategy accordingly for optimal results.

Say Goodbye to Guesswork & Embrace Precision Growth

Say farewell to trial-and-error tactics and incorporate data based strategies that genuinely boost your sales and profitability.

Access your team’s call history remotely and strategise future sales efforts with our cutting-edge call-tracking system. Gain comprehensive performance insights for your entire team and individual members and monitor the power of collaboration dynamics.

Streamline Call Log Review ProcessRecognise Top AchieversTrain Weak EmployeesFine-Tune Sales Objectives

Crack the Code: Pinpoint the Source of Unanswered Calls & Missed Follow-ups

Gain full visibility and command over your team’s efforts to understand why your sales numbers aren’t rising. Whether it is because of not following up, missed call opportunities, or not having enough team strength to reach out to leads?

Our call-tracking software gives you detailed insights into all incoming, outgoing, missed, and rejected calls. Discover why your sales team isn’t performing well and make better decisions to improve their effectiveness.

Drive Marketing Success

Our call recording software simplifies the process of monitoring calls, texts, forms, and chats for you. It enables you to gain valuable insights to optimise your spending across various advertising channels, using a simple and comprehensive dashboard.

Optimise your Marketing BudgetGet Tailored Strategies that Hit the Right CustomerAttract More Number of Quality Leads
Stop spending money on campaigns that don’t work well. Find out ways to bring in more leads and maximise your profits.Craft a unique journey for each lead by employing customised call routing, tailored hold messaging, and other automated features tailored to your campaigning needs.Gain insights into the behaviours and preferences of your most valuable customers through automatic conversation analysis and lead scoring.

Achieve Higher Process Efficiency with AI-powered Conversation Insights

Market with confidence as you gain insights into the calls with our functional AI call recording software. This innovative tool generates transcripts, identifies keywords, and automatically categorises and evaluates leads, so you just do nothing but convert that sales opportunity.

Turn Calls into Your Competitive EdgeAutomate Lead Tagging & QualificationRefine Your Keywords and Targeted Messages
Quickly understand how callers feel during live calls and save time with call summaries. Get expert help to convert more leads into loyal customers.Set up personalised conditions and rules to tag or qualify leads automatically using keywords from conversations and save time for your team.Identify new trends and opportunities by looking at the words your customers and potential customers use in calls and use them to achieve better resolutions.

Easy Integrations with All Prominent Cutting-Edge Software

Our call recording software is integrated with 700+ marketing tools that make your work easier and more efficient. With better insights and tool power, start generating higher conversions and leads from your calls.