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Dental Practices Open Day Ideas

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Struggling to find patients? Consider hosting an open day for your dental practice to attract potential private clients and spread your brand awareness in your local community. 

Whether you are a dental practice startup facing difficulty finding patients or establishing one to increase footfall and brand awareness, an open house can be the exact marketing solution you’re looking for. 

This is an extensive guide with tons of ideas for organising, planning, activities, food menu and a lot more, all to help you plan your first successful dental practice open house.

What is a Dental Open Day? 

A Dental Open Day is a social and community-based event for marketing purposes where potential or existing patients interact with dental practice professionals in a less formal setting. 

Why  Dental Open Day?

Here are some advantages of Dental Open Day: 

  • Attracting new patients & private clients 
  • Connects your brand with the community on a personalised level 
  • Possibility of social interaction outside of the workplace 
  • Promotes your brand image 
  • Generate potential leads 
  • Chance to know your target customers better 
  • Enforce your branding 

Is a Dental Open Day Suitable for You?  

A Dental Open Day or open day is suitable for any startup dental practice. However, even if you’re an established dental practice and considering rebranding, remodelling, or starting a second location, hosting a Dental Open Day is a great promotional strategy. 

This also makes your dental experience friendly and more approachable. Parents with small children especially appreciate such opportunities for their kids to become familiar and comfortable with the dentist and the staff before they make an appointment. 

So an open house is a good idea anyway to connect or reconnect with the local community irrespective of the stage your clinic is at. 

When to Schedule a Dental Open Day? 

There is no one perfect answer that applies to all dental practices. It depends upon the convenience and availability of the community or the target attendees. Then only you can expect a larger footfall on the open day. 

Also, it doesn’t necessarily have to be during your dental practice’s working hours or days. In fact, it is better to choose a time and day when your dental practice is supposed to be closed, matching with non-working days or off-days for other people, too. 

Also, choose a season or month when people do not have other holidays or festivals to attend, such as the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. 

Where to Schedule a Dental Open Day? 

This depends upon your budget, number of attendees, space availability, accessibility, and other factors. Look for space near your clinic. It can be a parking lot, terrace, etc. You can also book local community halls or rent a dedicated space for it if your budget allows. 

How to Promote A Dental Open Day?  

Here’s how to promote your Dental Open Day: 

  • Advertise through local community bulletins, newspapers and interest groups, including online and offline channels
  • Talk about it in local community meetings, gatherings, clubs, etc.
  • Collaborate with other local businesses and urge them to participate in the event as sponsors, promoting your event in their business places.
  • Set up a campaign for ads on Facebook, Google Ads, etc.

How to Organise the Event? 

Here’s everything you need to consider to organise a successful open house event: 

Set A Theme for Your Open House

You need to use your brand image as a central theme or ‘brand’ for your open house or open day. For example, if your dental practice brand is known to be great with kids, you can use that image as a starting point or even a theme for your event. That means your open day must be suitable for kids to engage with and enjoy. 

Decide the Budget With Return On Investment in Your Mind 

You have to strategically set your budget based on how many patients you can get from your open house. 

Many of our clients got more than 100 patients from a successful open house, and for that, you can easily spend somewhere between $1k to $5k which will be your $10 to $50 acquisition cost per patient.  That represents a fantastic return on investment. 

If you have a limited or assigned budget for this, still strategise how you will get good returns on it. 

At the end of the day, it depends more or less on how well-executed your open house is. We recommend hiring a marketing professional who specialises in Dental Open Days. 

Start Preparing & Planning for Open House 

Start with a plan and have a clear goal in your mind in terms of : 

  • Theme 
  • Budget
  • Action plan
  • Expected Attendees 
  • Activities
  • Space management 
  • Other requirements 

Once you have an action plan for the event, divide it into different areas. Get the right people onboard. Make a checklist of things to prevent missing out on anything. 

Fix the Time of the Event 

You need to set a time duration for the open day that is convenient for your attendeesBeforere setting one, try to understand who your attendees are and what timing will make it easier for them to come. 

Too late in the evening or morning wouldn’t be appropriate. The best time could be on Saturday in the late morning, afternoon, or even late afternoon. This way, you won’t be stealing their dinner time or Saturday nights! 

Timing also changes food requirements, as at noon, people usually eat more or expect lunch. Also, your menu will change if the timing is late morning instead of afternoon. 

You can also choose Sunday morning or early noon, but do consider the usual routine of the local people. They might be scheduled for church or some other activity to do. 

Select Food Menus to Serve 

The most hassle-free option definitely would be to get a catering service for the event and relax!  However, if you don’t have a budget for this, you can arrange or buy food on your own as well. 

Go for an easy and budget-friendly option that will still be a great refreshment for attendees. 

Here are some ideas for refreshments: 

  • Doughnuts 
  • Muffins 
  • Flavoured water 
  • Fruits 
  • Pizza 
  • Ice-tea
  • Sandwich with chips 
  • Salads 
  • Coffee
  • Cookies 
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Cupcakes
  • Bread pretzels with dips 
  • Ice cream/popsicles
  • Ice cream sandwiches 
  • Wraps 

You can mix and match a couple of these options depending on the time you’re serving them and to whom. 

For example, serve coffee and iced tea to adults depending upon the season. Kids would like popsicles or hot chocolate.  

It also depends upon the community. Talk to a few people and try to get what they would prefer. 

Choose Activities & Games for the Event

The best way to make your dental open day engaging and fun for attendees is to include activities and games that help people break the ice, feel more at ease, and get comfortable with each other.  

Many people find small talk or initiating conversation difficult, so they often avoid such events. However, with the right type of activities, you can make that discomfort go away. 

Here are some ideas for activities for your open house: 

  • Face Painting: You can get art teachers from local high schools, teenagers, and church youth groups to organise face painting at your event.
  • Photo Booth: Install a fun photo booth with an interesting background and dental-themed props, such as a giant toothbrush and big sunglasses with a mouth. Encourage kids and other people to take silly photos of themselves.
  • Scavenger Hunt: This will be fun for all age groups. You can create groups and find hidden clues to find the ultimate treasure. All of this will be dental-themed. You can also add interesting facts about dental hygiene with the clues.
  • Portable Climbing Wall: If you have a bigger budget and a lot of space, you can also install a portable climbing wall. You will have to rent it out, and you might need someone to assist you in managing the wall. Make sure it has self-retracting ropes, but always remember to let people climb at their own risk.
  • Crafting Fair:  Have a dedicated space for kids or even people interested in arts and crafts can make something. It can be a giant colouring book, pottery or wall painting. 

Arrange Prizes & Goods for Winners and Participants 

Not just an effective strategy to encourage more people to attend your open day but prizes also increase engagement at the event. People love to receive freebies, and if they can win, they’re more likely to participate.  

Here are some ideas for prizes at the event:

  • Gift baskets with Items that are popular in the locality or have broader appeal, such as barbeque sauces, pickles, jams, honey, hot sauces, nuts, bread, candy, etc
  • Gift cards, coupons, and cash cards for Amazon or Target.
  • Personal care products such as organic, high-quality shampoo, lotions, handmade soaps, etc
  • If you have more budget or high-ticket clients to target, you can also include tech products like headphones, iPads, laptops, etc, for the top 3 bigger prizes.
  • A ticket to a local sports game with a team shirt, hat and other merchandise products
  • Also, have consultation prizes for participation that include t-shirts or other goodies with your company logo on them, along with other local business sponsors.
  • ‘Free new patient visits’ can also be a prize, whether medium size or consolation, depending upon your budget and planning. 

Let Us Worry About This! 

Dental Open Day or open day can not just increase the number of your private clients but also boost footfall in your clinic. You can gain up to 100 or more patients from your clinic or even many more leads from a successful open house. 

Remember, the keyword here is “successful”! And that depends on how well you execute your dental practice open day. With these ideas, tips and strategies we shared, you will be able to optimise for the best.

However, hiring a marketing expert for dental practices like us at Head45 Dental will give you a competitive edge with higher conversions and hassle-free planning and promotions where you don’t have to worry about anything at all!