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How Data Science Can Benefit Your Dental Marketing Strategy?

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Gone are the days when a dental marketing expert had to work hard to collect information and data about creating a dental marketing plan. Now technology has made things easier and so you need to work smartly to make a few tweaks to your marketing plan to generate outstanding results.

Data-driven dental marketing strategy saves time and gives a better ROI. The ‘Trial and Error’ approach is a thing of the past. Now you need to know the exact figures and results before executing or updating a dental marketing plan.

Read on to understand better how data science can help you.

Evaluate all marketing channels

The first step is to determine the marketing channels, which you will opt for. Brainstorm with your team and choose the best-suited options. Existing data about the outcome of each channel would be a decisive factor.

The main marketing channels are Digital Ads, Social Media, Radio, Billboard, Outdoor Signage, Mailers, Flyers, Community Newspaper, etc.

Keep track of your marketing channels and collect all the data in one place. We recommend Google Analytics to pool in all the data to be evaluated. Most of the data stays there, and it is relatively easy to import the rest.

Important data outcomes to be evaluated

Users/Sessions: This will give details about the location of visitors to your site. So, you can channelise your marketing budget to a specific region.

Bounce Rate: This determines the percentage of visitors that leave your site without any interaction. A higher bounce rate has to be taken seriously, and efforts must be put in to bring it down.

Goal Completions: This gives you a figure about the leads that are being generated.

Goal Conversion Rate: This shows which channel is generating the highest quality traffic and resulting in action. The channel showing higher value is the one to be focused upon.

Key benefits of data-driven marketing strategy

  • Saves time and money: Knowing the action plan results protects us from unexpected delays and losses.
  • Focuses on target: Knowing the most valuable customers helps to focus on them.
  • Increases customer loyalty: Customer is the king, and when you serve them well, they stay with you.
  • Gives real-time feedback: Acting on the feedback helps in maintaining better customer relationships.
  • Predicts the fate of products & services: With the help of data available, you can expect customers’ responses in the future.
  • Rethink your digital advertising: If something is not giving the desired result, change it. Having a 30 days range to evaluate data is advised for dental practitioners.

The Conclusion

Once you know which marketing channel is working best for you, stop wasting your resources and finances and put in your resources for ensuring a higher ROI. Finally, take control of your marketing data and choose the best.