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How Memes Can Effectively Promote Your Dental Practice

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Social media is the perfect platform to market and communicate your offerings to your existing and potential customers. In this, memes play a vital role. Sometimes witty and sometimes informative – memes surely catch everyone’s attention. While every brand’s marketing team is engaged in creating memes, dental marketing experts are not behind.

How Memes Can Help In Promoting Practice & Bring Positive Results


Dental advertisement creators are using memes these days to grab the attention of the people. Memes generally feature faces with big and bold words to convey a message. It could be educational and informative. Content-wise, these days, the memes are based on jokes and urban legend (image | video | phrase), which users of almost all age groups love to see.

Going viral

When the dental marketing team creates a meme based on trending topics, the percentage of getting viral is more. Users on social media love to share trending memes with others via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and other electronic media, resulting in more reach and better responses to the dental clinics or practitioners.

Furthermore, dental practitioners can use educational memes to share important information with their patients, making it easier to spread awareness about any dental issue.

Image builder

Memes are an effective medium that can help build a dental practitioner’s image, who somehow may not be very active on social media. With the help of a dedicated dental marketing expert, a practitioner can start posting relevant memes on social media and dental websites. This will result in getting more likes and shares, which will help the dental practitioner build a strong brand image and enhance visibility.

Here are some quick suggestions to consider while creating memes ensuring maximum engagement…

  • Memes should be relatable to the audience to ensure more & more sharing
  • Memes should be witty, funny, thought-provoking, and hard-hitting
  • Memes should be posted on all social media platforms to get maximum visibility
  • Memes should be pushed often to ensure it reaches out to the majority audience
  • Memes should be used as a part of the marketing initiatives to strengthen branding
  • Memes should be posted regularly to create pull and generate curiosity amongst audiences


To gain popularity and get some good leads, a dental practitioner should preferably engage an experienced dental marketing expert proficient in developing dental websites and dental advertisements. The expert will help your meme posts go viral through your followers’ homepage and further through their followers’ home pages.