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How To Grow Your Dental Practice With Google Ads

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Are you seriously vying to take your dental practice to newer heights?

Even after trying most conventional dental marketing ways, you are still wondering about the non-satisfactory results.

Most dental marketing experts recommend Google Ads as the best platform for dental clinics and practitioners to promote their practice via dental advertisement and attract more customers.

The pay-per-click feature of Google Ads makes it the most popular advertising platform for dental marketing experts.

7 Tips Help You get Maximum ROI on Your Google Ads Spending

Identify USP:

To stand out in a crowded space of PPC marketing, you need to be clear about your strategies and USP. You must be specific about what you are offering to whom and how you are going to add value to your customers’ needs.

Use the right keywords:

Most people search for dental clinics when their dental condition is unbearable, like a broken crown or shooting pain. Around 50% of internet searches are voice-based now, with long key phrases generally starting with ‘what, how, and the best’’. So, by bidding on these long phrases’ keywords, you will get improved traffic, thus deriving value out of your ad spending.

Target your audience:

Target your prospects on demographic targeting options like age, gender, income, etc., available on Google Ads. Precise targeting will tempt only the right people to click on your ads and improve business generation.

Link to Google Maps:

You do not want a person sitting miles away from your location to search for you. The use of Google Maps in your ads helps attract people within your vicinity. So, turn on the location extensions in your Google Ads account and focus on location-based keywords.

 Add Google Ads Call Extension:

The Google Ads Call Extension offers a click-to-call option. Having a clickable call button on your dental ad will instantly encourage your prospect to make a call and fix up the appointment.

Testing, tracking and adapting:

Digital marketing is ever-evolving and dynamic. So, we cannot be sure of the bidding options or strategies for long. It has to be monitored regularly to track the results and make changes as and when required.

Add a landing page:

Google Ads must direct to your landing page, which should have detailed information and call-to-action to set up an appointment and book consultation right away.


Advertising is not about hits and trials. It has to be scientific and result-oriented. Of late, advertising for dentists has seen a remarkable change. For better traffic and improved ROI, an effective online marketing strategy is the key. So, if you expect great marketing results from your dental advert, connect with an experienced dental marketing expert with great reviews and ratings and see the change.