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Local SEO for Franchises: 7 Essential Franchise SEO Strategies

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Franchise ownership and operation can be quite rewarding if you put adequate thought into SEO strategies. For entrepreneurs who are interested in making considerable profits, running a franchise can be a great thing, and the same goes for entrepreneurs who are also looking at relatively easy expansion. Same goes for business owners, who want to be able to secure loans, without having to jump through a lot of hoops – franchising can be a great option.

It goes without saying, that if you want to reap all the benefits that come with franchising, then you also have to put in the effort. This means that you will have to make sure that you are spreading the word about your services and products in the right manner. Utilizing an effective local Dental SEO digital marketing strategy hence will go a long way in helping you achieve that.

What Is Local SEO For Franchises?

Optimising your website so that it shows up in any searches that are location-based, for example, if someone is looking for ‘veterinary services in Cardiff’, is what local SEO is all about. While everyone knows that getting an SEO for your website is important so that you can rank up in the search results, local SEO takes it a step further, by reaching out to your target audience in your geographical location which is much more relevant – using various things such as geographical keywords, meta descriptions, location details, etc. While you have the benefits of running a brand that has established, getting a local SEO is exactly the extra push that is needed.

Why Is Local SEO For Franchises Important?

The reason why local SEO for franchises is so important is that it helps your storefront in reaching the local customers around it. Since a franchise is generally based upon a well-known brand, customers are okay with visiting new locations and trying them. However, if they have no awareness about the new location, they Will not be able to swing by and buy things.

Hence, let us take a look at 7 must-use strategies for improving local SEO for franchises:

List Your Different Locations In Google Maps

Today Google is used to search for almost everything, and it is relatively one of the most popular methods for looking for a storefront. Once you receive the search results, you also get the option of navigating to the storefront you choose via GPS. However, if your location is not visible on Google maps, what you need to do is register it by using Google My Business. You have followed all the instructions, navigation to all your storefronts is going to be possible.

Google Maps

List Each Of Your Franchise Locations In Yelp

Being one of the most trusted review sites out there, Yelp is used by virtually everyone. A lot of people utilise it for reviews, and other information so you should list out all your franchisees on Yelp otherwise you will be missing out on a great opportunity to garner new clientele. By listing your franchises on Yelp, you will also be able to garner individual reviews for them through it as well as accurate photos of your products as well as your storefront.

Use Location-Based Keywords in Website Content

One effective strategy to use, to increase your visibility on local search results, is the inclusion of keywords at a location based on your pages. For example, if you are a salon based out of Cardiff, you can use phrases like ’Salon in Cardiff’ in your page elements such as headings, body, tags, etc. which will be picked up by search engines. Another thing you can do is use keywords based on nearby landmarks as well, which will also give you visibility.

Choose Between A Microsite or Corporate Website

for those of you who are employed in the corporate office of a franchise, you must ensure that you are listing out all of your locations individually on your website. You can create a page tag location for your storefronts and furnish it with all the requisite details.

Another great suggestion would be to create microsites in case you run multiple locations so that you can fine-tune the content specific to the sites. For example, if you are running a promotion that is available on a particular storefront and not the rest, having individual sites would help a lot. Having a website that can be used for PPC ads would make it much easier to be able to reach all your target customers.