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Make Your Open Day Hassle-Free & Successful! Live Demos, Free Check-ups, Expert Dental Insights

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Our specialised team assists dental professionals in hosting regular Open Day events. With the support of our teams, you can ensure the seamless organisation and successful hosting of regular Open Day events.

Consult Us for Open Day Events!

Host an Audience-Packed Open Day Event with 100% Success!

Get ready for a successful Open Day event with us! Our teams take care of all the aspects of your event, from planning to organising to marketing. You give us the date, and we’ll handle the rest to ensure your Open Day is a memorable and a repeating success event.



We devise impactful plans and event processes that align with your objectives.



Our teams create effective marketing tactics tailored for enhanced engagement and results.



We provide personalised support to track your progress every step of the way.

Plan Your Date, and Let Us Adjust the Rest!

You just have to select a date that matches your schedule, the rest is upto us!

We will take care of every intricate detail and provide you with a seamless experience that profits your dental business and leaves your patients with beautiful smiles.

What to Expect?

Event Promotion: We will spread the word about your open-day event through strategic social media campaigns and captivating printed materials distributed locally.

Assistance: Receive comprehensive support, including ongoing communication and progress tracking from planning to executing your open-day event.

Activities You Can Plan at Open Day!

Make your Open Day a fun and productive event, encouraging attendees to return for future events.

  • Interactive oral health workshops
  • Hands-on dental demonstrations
  • Dental health screenings for attendees
  • Live Q&A sessions with dental experts
  • Oral hygiene product giveaways and samples

Perks of Planning Open Day for Dentists

Discover the ultimate benefits of organising an Open Day event for your dental practice.

Community Connection

It helps build stronger bonds with your local community and foster trust and rapport for your dentistry within communities.

Brand Visibility

Open day increases your brand presence as you showcase your practice’s unique offerings, expertise, and values to the patients.

Business Growth

Open Day events act as an effective marketing tool for dentists to attract new patients by showcasing their dental expertise.

Patient Education

Demonstrate interactive and informative sessions with the patients to educate them on the importance of oral health and preventive care through open day events.

Enhanced Reputation

Hosting successful open day events contributes to a positive reputation for the dental practice and helps you position you as a trusted healthcare provider.

Networking Opportunities

Create valuable networking opportunities with other dentists and patients and expand your referral network to drive mutual growth and success.

Successful Open Day Experiences of Our Satisfied Clients

Read the experiences of our clients on how we helped them nail their Open Day events!

  1. Sarah D. – Our Open Day was a game-changer! The team assisted us in hosting a very successful open day event that covered engaging dental workshops and Q&A sessions with the patients. To our surprise, a large number of patients turned up to the event, making it a success. We gained over 20 new patients in the coming next month because of this event. We would definitely love to again collaborate with the team to host another such event.
  2. John P. – Head45 Dental is certainly the best company to partner with for hosting Open day events. We planned an Open Day event in August 2023 with them and the results were phenomenal. First of all, huge thanks to the teams working on our event. They crafted the most creative advertisements and promotional materials that attracted a significant turnout at our event. Next, all the arrangements were pre handled by the team at the event and we togetherly hosted a hassle-free and productive event for our dental services.
  3. Emily R. – Our experience with Head45 Dental for our Open Day event was exceptional! From the initial planning stages to the execution, their team was incredibly supportive and efficient. We received positive feedback from attendees and even gained several new clients as a result. We look forward to working with the team again for future events!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is the ideal budget to plan an Open Day?

The ideal budget for planning an Open Day in the UK dental industry varies, considering venue rental, marketing, refreshments, and staffing costs, typically ranging from £500 to £2000, depending on the requirements.

2. What would happen if I needed to reschedule my open day?

If you need to reschedule your Open Day, please inform us promptly. We’ll work with you to make the necessary arrangements and notify attendees, suppliers, and partners to ensure smooth rearrangements and minimise inconvenience.

3. Would you collaborate with a local competitor for the event simultaneously?

Yes, indeed! Collaborating with a local competitor for simultaneous dental open day events could enhance community engagement, broaden reach, and foster collaborative relationships, benefiting both practices and attendees.

4. Are there any discounts available for hosting multiple Open Day events?

Yes, we may facilitate certain discounts for you if you opt to host multiple Open Day events,  ensuring greater value and support for your continued engagement.