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A Marketing Guide To Your Dental Open Day

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Since competition in the dental industry is cutthroat and it is getting harder and harder to attract clients, dental practices must be creative and strategic in their approach. 

And one of the ways to do that is to host a dental open day to promote their treatment and showcase their expertise. Dental Open Day is a marketing event to interact with patients and the community in a less formal setting.

Such events also provide patients with valuable information for better dental health and awareness. You can also offer additional benefits for the attendees, such as free dental checkups and smile assessments. 

Even though you’ve planned for a dental open day, reaching out with it is still a challenge. For that, you need to use marketing and promotional strategies. No worries! We’ve got you!  Here’s a detailed marketing guide for your dental open day. 

Running a PPC Ad Campaign 

One of the best ways to find the target potential patients is to set up a  Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign. 

This will target the people who are searching specific search terms on a search engine related to dental practice. 

Make sure it is targeted to only the buyer’s intent keywords and localised such as “Best dentists in Cardiff” Supposingly your clinic is in the United Kingdom.  

Using Website Pop-Ups 

One of the ways your potential patients reach out to you for the first time is through your dental practice website. 

You can strategically use a pop-up window on your homepage to invite them to the upcoming open day with details and benefits. 

The pop-up must not be too overcrowded with information. Remember to add benefits or offers for attendees to encourage them to visit. 

Email Marketing 

While focusing on attracting new private clients, do not forget the existing clientele or patients you have or had previously. 

The most effective way to target existing patients can be email marketing. Craft an exciting email inviting them to visit your open day. 

To an existing or more frequent patient, you can also offer them some extra incentives such as heavy discounts or offers on some specific dental services. 

Create A Local Awareness With Facebook Ads 

Facebook is a great platform for the local community and user base. You can start an ad campaign on the platform targeting people within a 50-mile radius. 

So, if your dental practice is in Pennsylvania, a person in California wouldn’t want to see your ad or also cannot benefit from it. Not to forget the ineffective overspending on ads. 

So, create local awareness of your dental open day and reach local audiences in your city radius. Make sure to mention where you are located and how to reach you easily. 

Since Facebook offers an extensive range of demographic targeting, you can target your potential patients based on many factors, such as age, gender, employment, income, interests, language, location, relationship status, etc. 

You can use this to your advantage. For instance, 90% of dental purchase choices are made by women. So you can focus on targeting them more.  

Try Traditional Marketing 

You cannot completely ignore the traditional marketing methods when it comes to promoting your dental practice open day.

After all, a significant portion of your target customers may not be on social media platforms or use much internet. 

Here are your options with traditional marketing: 

  • Local Newspaper: Advertise your upcoming event in the local newspaper, which can cover a much wider range of nearby residents and, due to its proximity, have a higher chance of visiting you. Also, invite them to attend your event so they can write a piece about it.
  • Flyers: Print flyers and posters about the dental open day. Distribute them in various residential complexes, parks, community centres, parlours, and commuter areas.
  • TV News:  Invite local news channels and even the others to your open day for live coverage. Try to get advertisements on local news channels as well.
  • Radio: Contact local radio stations and ask them to announce your dental open day once. You can also invite them to your event.
  • Word-of-Mouth: Urge your friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances to spread the word through word-of-mouth or even share on messaging or social media apps in their groups.

Cross Marketing 

You need to team up with local businesses to do cross-marketing where they can help you market your dental open day in exchange for the same from your side. 

Connect with hair salons, physicians, offices, restaurants, etc., where you will display a thank-you sign or board naming local businesses involved in the open house. 

Have a dedicated area for this where people at your open day can also know about these contributors. The founders, owners or representatives of these local businesses can reward or donate prizes for the open-day contests. 

Since they gain exposure and credibility for supporting such philanthropic events, they will be inclined to advertise your event in their business as well. 

Leave It to the Experts! 

We at Head45 Dental are experts at marketing for dental practices and clinics. We have experience helping dental professionals achieve successful open-day events with maximum returns. Our targeted marketing strategies help your brand reach out to your ideal potential patients and private clients, delivering higher ROI with a limited budget. To learn more, reach out to us to get a quote from our experts!