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Faversham Smiles

Read about how we streamlined multiple practices run by the client in different locations into one common theme with a website redesign.

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Faversham Smiles


Faversham Smiles

Faversham Smiles Dental Practice located in the heart of Kent welcomes NHS and private patients for routine and emergency dental treatments. They provide high-quality dentistry service and form a trio with Bushey Dental Surgery and Anele De Novo Dental Practice located in Hertfordshire and Kent respectively. Passionate to support patients through the entire treatment journey, they more or less offer similar dental services such as:


  • General Dentistry
  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Dental Implants
  • Tooth Whitening

The Challenge

Website Design

For Faversham Smiles, keeping up with their extensive list of patient’s dental health was no problem at all. However, the need of the hour was to share common website user-experience across three dental practice locations. Being instantly recognisable would help them convert more leads.

We had to take into account:

  • Website design for the same user experience
  • Launching the website at a new location
  • Common branding and theme

In short, the Faversham Smiles dental website needed to evoke a unifying theme with the other two dental practices. The challenge was two-fold. This meant crafting Faversham Smiles dental website with the latest features and security updates and optimising the other two websites based on the same features.

The Challenge
The Solution


Optimising and delivering a common theme across websites for a similar user experience was our go-to objective. We also geared towards smart features that would significantly reduce the administration workload to more than half during daily operations. To build credibility and trust we prioritised integrating patient reviews, before/after treatment images, and an integrated contact form for automated enquiries.



Faversham Smiles website was created in line with their two websites in terms of themes and first-impression. Our fresh approach to tweak and add smart features to the other 2 websites and make the group of websites SEO friendly. We also integrated Google Reviews on all the 3 websites boosting the credibility of the group.


Smart Features

  • ?
    Google Review Integration

    Dental practice reviews on the Google business page will be automatically displayed on the website for an increased conversion rate.

  • ?
    Secure Server Integration

    Security certificate integration to secure target audience data.

  • ?
    Hotjar tool

    To understand and analyse the behaviour of web and mobile site visitors.

  • ?
    Lead Generation Forms

    Makes it easy for new and existing patients to contact the dental practice and schedule appointments.

Perfect Smile

Final Product

Visual Design


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