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Read about how we transformed and scaled the presence of one of the biggest dental groups in the UK within a year with cutting-edge dental marketing strategies.

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One of UK's Leading Dental Groups

Established in 2004, Perfect Smile is one of the biggest dental groups in the UK that has treated more than 4 million happy patients. The Perfect Smile has over 40+ practices spanning across 7 cities, with 17 practices alone in London. With state-of-the-art technology and a team of experienced and highly qualified dentists and clinicians, they deliver the very best in dental treatments and services including:

  • Dental Implant
  • Invisalign
  • NHS
  • General Dentistry
Perfect Smiles


Reduction in Total Ad Spend


Increase in Conversion Rate

Palvesh Patel,Perfect Smile

“ We’ve been working with Head45 for a while now, their services have made a huge difference for Perfect Smile. We moved from agency to agency trying to get the results we needed and now I’m extremely delighted that we’re finally making the right noise online for our brand and services. The results we’ve received are exceptional - not only have my leads increased but they've also reduced the cost of the leads significantly. Our conversion rate across organic web has also increased and we’ve noticed our local exposure has sky rocketed. ”

The Challenge

Digital Marketing

When we were on board to drive the marketing strategy for Perfect Smile, there were a total of 27 dental practices. The objective was clearly defined and as ambitious as you would expect from one of the top dental groups in the UK. Perfect Smile wanted to attract more patients and leave scope for possible expansion of their dental practices in various cities. Right from the first meeting, we focused on key areas and mapped out a roadmap to:

  • Increase Dental Practice awareness and generate enquiries
  • Creating a more robust dental brand identity
  • Seek growth in premier treatments including Dental Implants and Invisalign
  • Measure, track and improve dental marketing delivery
  • Create multi-channel marketing campaigns for engagement and lead generation

Perfect Smile wanted to increase awareness of their dental services and treatments. We had to 10x the ongoing marketing strategy with tactical thinking to boost profitable areas of the dental brand and reach new customers.

The Challenge
The Solution



To support an effective dental marketing strategy, we worked closely with the client to assist in increasing brand awareness, especially through search. With the website acting as a hub for dental marketing activity, we identified key terms for SEO and ensured service/treatment pages were optimised for search. We also leveraged social media channels to not only connect with the audience but also to generate more appointments. We also created and delivered paid campaigns for Google to build end to end journeys for end users. This approach led us to use email and SMS marketing campaigns that allowed us to map behaviour and report success.



The implementation of multi-channel dental campaigns boosted Perfect Smile’s presence. Within one year of the marketing campaign, strategies were monitored and updated which led to the opening of 10 more dental practices. Providing outstanding patient service is what Perfect Smile does best. It has become a dental brand where you know you are receiving the best dentistry services in London, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Newcastle, Manchester, Cheshire, Berkshire & Surrey.

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  • +120%
  • +150%


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