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Dental Mobile App Development

Mobile App enabling Ease Of Appointment, Payment, Reward Programs And Enhanced Communication for your Dental Clinic.

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Monitor & Increase Dental Practice Efficiency
Mobile Apps

As one of the fastest growing mobile app development companies with passion and expertise, we help add value to your ideas by providing you with customised mobile application solutions. We also offer you support and maintenance services for the app.

Denal Mobile App Development Services

We always utilise cutting-edge technology to give you the most successful apps that unprecedentedly enhance your business platform.

  • Android App Development

    As a cutting-edge android app development company, Head45 Dental develops high-end android apps while following the Material Design Guidelines. Providing you with Android App Development Services that make your dental app smart, friendly, and light on memory.

  • iOS AppDevelopment

    As a renowned iPhone application development company, our dental apps are top-rated, stylish, agile, and powerful. We deliver both form and class that is ready to overtake the competition and establish you as a primary player in the market.

  • Cross Platform AppDevelopment

    At Head45 Dental, we genuinely believe in the power of flexibility, which is why we are very popular when it comes to the development of mobile apps. By creating hybrid apps, we can reach out to all kinds of audiences, irrespective of the platform. Our in-house team of iOS and Android app developers have extensive experience with creating hybrid applications in various formats like Xamarin, Ionic and Native.

Our Best

Working with compatibility and interoperability on our mind permits our applications to work easily on every platform. We keep your novel selling point, and target crowd as our principle need and build up your application to arrive at new zeniths in attractiveness and fulfillment. Here is how we go about our app development process:


Attention to Memory Limitation:

We understand that mobile devices do not have huge memory capacities like desktops. We always keep this in mind while mobile programming and accordingly use codes that take up smaller memory. This goes on to tackle the problem of apps crashing due to being “out of memory”.


Ease of Default Keyboard:

An important aspect of the design is having a keyboard that should contain compatible characters from the input textbook in the app. A great example of this is when users want to write down numbers, they should get access to the numerical keyboard and not the alphabetical one.


Attention to Security:

As more and more people use their phones to access the internet compared to desktops – the vulnerability of phones to cyberattacks has increased – security is always a top priority for us while developing a mobile app for dentists.


Using Optimised Images:

We are well aware of the fact that not everyone will have access to the internet that is high bandwidth. Keeping this in mind, our mobile app developers make sure that they use optimised images for low bandwidth internet as well. Images that have been specifically sized, end up enhancing the user experience in the long run.


Convenient UI Elements:

We understand that UI elements should generally be easy to tap on for the user, and the menu should contain options that are easy to locate. The overall UI design needs to be convenient for the user to use, and only then will they feel satisfied.


Optimised Battery Consumption:

Generally, the background processes of the apps installed, have a draining effect on the battery which becomes a new problem for smartphone users. However, we know that every app is going to require a background process to run so we ensure that the apps we design, do not end up draining the phone battery unnecessarily.


High & Quality Performance With Version Support:

Call apps are optimised regularly and do not keep the user waiting from the moment they are launched. Creating apps that are high performance is one of our USPs. Any app that is designed by us generally supports the current one as well as the last two versions. This eliminates the problems of bugs and ensures a smooth experience.


Screen Variance & Compatibility:

For both iOS and Android devices that have several screen sizes available, we test all apps on various screen sizes before uploading them on app stores. We also make sure that our apps are compatible with all resolutions they are being viewed on.


Offline Mode Importance:

While internet connectivity is the norm for all apps today, the offline mode is important too. With the off-line mode, users can end up storing things within the device for easier access. This is a fact that we understand, we keep it in mind when designing our apps.


Our Dental Mobile App Development Process::

Working with compatibility and interoperability on our mind, our applications work easily on every platform. We keep your novel selling point, and target crowd as our principle need and build your application to arrive at new heights in attractiveness and fulfilment. Here is how we go about our app development services process:

How we work on
Mobile Apps

We’re experts at every step of the digital journey. From server to device and everything in between.

  • Documentation:

    Compiling your dental practice objectives, we collect all the necessary information that will help us in creating the perfect app for your business. We bring to the table, a unique value proposition in the form of your new app.

  • Creating a Prototype:

    We make sure that our clients get an interactive prototype that is very close in simulation to our final product. Based on the finding and preferences that we obtain from you – we will go on to set the guidelines and determine what the most viable product for your business is.

  • UI/UX Design:

    Following the examination, we begin to envisage and think of application design solutions for the objective you desire to attain. Ensuring the best user experience, we start working on the final design.

  • Beta Launch and Feedback Analysis:

    Based on the plan agreed upon, our top mobile app developers will construct the app. The app’s progress is shared consistently, and customer criticism/feedback is recorded after every step and consolidated into the following beta launch. Depending on the feedback received from you, we will make the final changes – resulting in the final app.

  • Final Launch

    Head45 Dental will build up an individual launch plan for you and deal with the submission cycle to both the ‘Apple App’ or ‘Google Play’ stores and offer you the assistance that may be needed for the product. Our team will help you with technical assistance and after-sales service along with any other assistance that may be required by you.

  • Support:

    We offer you technical assistance so that there are no issues you face that might endanger the user experience of your app. Known for unparalleled assistance services, we make sure you receive technical assistance from us as quickly as possible.

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Most Common Questions Asked By Clients
For Mobile App Developement Services

  • Our mobile app development services are designed to take care of all your dental practice needs. Reach out to us – you can contact us at hello@head45.com and one of our experts will talk through your ideas and project. We never try to hard sell, so all our calls are made without any obligations. We are always happy to help and advise you.

  • Yes, we can. It is quite common for people to want their apps to work across web and mobile devices. We are a highly rated app development agency that uses development frameworks like Reach and React Native that helps us in quickly supporting both platforms.

  • As a leading Android and iPhone app development company, every mobile app that we design needs an accompanying web-based application behind the scenes, that can drive it. For example, when you log into any app, there is generally a web server working in the background, that feeds the app with data, that checks whether you have permission to log in or not.

  • A custom mobile app for dentist is a comprehensive building process. We begin with having a meeting with you to understand what kind of commercial factors are driving your project. After this, we try to understand the features that you require and generally scope out your requirements in detail.

    We don’t want you to just understand that we have gotten a firm grasp of your project, we need to prove it to you, this is why we will end up creating an informative requirements specification, with wireframes wherever appropriate.

  • We will be assigning you a dedicated project manager, who is going to be your primary point of contact throughout the process of development. All of the requests, some questions are generally managed through our support portal, so that we can give you a swift response and your work is prioritised. Apart from this, we also give you a range of support and maintenance options after the launch date, so we are constantly responding to your needs.

  • Yes, you will. We will be assigning you the appropriate copyright or licence rights for the bespoke code that is created for your project. We are a highly trusted mobile app development agency for a reason. We practice transparency with intellectual property rights, and you will get the appropriate time to review the code ownership terms before the project even begins.

  • We are a cyber essentials certified mobile application development company. Though we cannot provide you with the full overview due to security concerns, here is an overview of certain steps taken by us to protect your data:

    If you host with us, our data centre is based in the UK, with dedicated managed servers supplied by VI.net. These data centres are manned with 24/7/365 access via secure procedures. Redundant, meshed Cisco 6500 series routers (true as of 9/2017) with redundant fibres capable of 320Gb/s in total-for-total resilience. Our servers are regularly updated to run the latest software and patches, and the servers themselves have a firewall.

    The back-end server code used to drive your application is configured to run over HTTPS and has a secure SSL certificate installed.

    We store passwords as hashed strings using a per-user salt, and in some scenarios, we store some sensitive data using two-way encryption algorithms. Should the worst possible scenario happen, and your data is compromised, the culprit would still need to perform complex decryption for the data to be readable.

    The frameworks that we develop within, provide tested security features out-of-the-box. For example, Yii2 and Laravel allow us to escape and sanitise user inputs to protect against SQL injection attacks, XSS, host-header and CSRF exploits, as well as avoiding direct file exposure through protected and restricted directories. Debugging modes are only enabled on test environments, meaning that live servers don’t reveal source code in the event of an error. We also write our code in special circumstances to build upon the protections provided by such frameworks.

    Even with the best development frameworks, developers can make mistakes that pose a security threat accidentally. As a layer of additional security, we use third-party security software (Codacy) to audit every line of code that we write. Codacy sends the team notifications with each code ‘commit’, alerting us to potential security issues within our system, thus reducing the risk of publishing serious issues.

    Public-private keys are used to give developers SSH access into hosted accounts when deploying code, which allows for the secure management of access credentials.

    Our standard servers are backed up daily, both on-site via bare-metal backups in the event of a complete server failure, as well as in a secure, redundant, off-site location within the UK. This backup process provides multiple layers of backup redundancy, allowing for the quick and complete recovery of data.

    We offer the option to integrate your site or application using a secure content delivery network such as Cloudflare or Akamai. These can provide an extra layer against DDoS attacks while also speeding up the performance of your service. They provide an additional firewall layer, rate limiting, and mask your server’s IP address from those with malicious intent.

    Sites that take payment do so via industry-standard PCI-compliant processes.All of our staff are contractually obligated to follow our security policies and receive training on the latest data security procedures. We regularly sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA).

  • Yes, we offer the choice to connect with us on an ad-hoc basis for help or have a month to month retainer alternatives should you require a more steady and dependable degree of service. Ad-hoc support can work for projects that need minimal help to stay away from the requirement for a fixed continuous month to month costs.

  • We strongly suggest that you start by dispatching the most straightforward conceivable adaptation of your vision first and keep on adjusting it over the long haul. You can either commission us to refresh your application or site on a task-by-project means, whereby we indicate, statement, plan lastly convey a fixed arrangement of necessities as-and-when you need them. Or on the other hand, we can adopt an AGILE strategy whereby we plan for a specific measure of engineer time every month to continually improve things for you. The two methodologies have legitimacy, and all things considered, you will know naturally perusing this concerning which is ideal for you.

  • Typically, yes. Most present-day applications and frameworks will have an interface like what we portrayed in the last inquiry. Enquire as to whether they have any “Programming interface documentation”, on the off chance that they do, at that point, all things considered, we will have the option to coordinate with the framework.

    We’ve experience associating with various frameworks and online apparatuses to drive application usefulness – here are a couple of regular ones we’ve worked with: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon AWS, Salesforce, Google Maps, Matchmaker, Broadbean, Google Sheets, PayPal, Stripe, Airtables, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Marketo, Insightly, JT Telecom, SMS Gateway, Worldpay, Sagepay, Mailgun, Xero, Analytics, Youtube and Vimeo.

  • Almost certainly. The GDPR will affect your business if you have a website or store customer data. If you ignore the new rules then you may be liable for fines of up to 4% of your revenue, or €20 million.

  • On the off chance that you have a site or application with little asset prerequisites, at that point we can have your undertaking on our oversaw workers. If you have explicit facilitating necessities, concentrated asset requests, or require something more subject matter expert, at that point we can set you up with your own devoted, cloud, or load balanced hosting environment.

    If you need to deal with high volumes of preparing and traffic, at that point we may decide on a bespoke multi-worker facilitating arrangement utilizing Amazon’s EC2, Cloud Front, Elastic Load Balancer, and S3 storerooms.

  • Yes, we can. We give a level of strategic support marketing plans for dental mobile apps. We can assemble tools to incorporate with your web-based media or email promoting programming. If you need specialised SEO or Social Marketing services, we can provide those too.


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