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Dental Postcard Marketing

With dental postcard marketing, we want to help you build a strong reputation for your practice and attract a continuous flow of new patients.

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Get your practice Buzzing
With New Patients With Bespoke Dental Postcard Marketing

One of the most efficient and successful methods to bring in new patients for a dental clinic is to send out postcards. We create dental DM campaigns that get you answers and ROI by targeting the right people with the correct message. We understand what makes for a good dental marketing postcard campaign and how to apply it. Together, as your marketing partners, we’ll figure out what kind of card design and specials will work best to attract prospective patients to your dental office.

We’ve studied the responses to tens of thousands of dental postcards and other campaigns, so we can tell you with confidence what types of promotions and messages are most likely to bring in new patients who will be the best fit for your practice. Our team of marketers and designers will assist you in meticulously planning your dental postcard design. To ensure swift approval and faultless, comprehensive implementation, we peer-review and proofread (twice) each data-driven design.

Postcard Marketing for Dental Clinics

Makes Us Different?

  • Initial Consultation

    Because you have the most in-depth knowledge of your patients, we will collaborate closely with your clinic to identify your ideal customer. Our skilled dental advisors will advise you with their understanding of the dental direct mail marketing sector, but you will have full control over all of your campaigns.

  • Through Analysis

    Our dental postcard marketing plan will take into account everything about your business, from your goals and target audience to the services offered by your competitors, your strengths and weaknesses, your brand’s visual identity and collateral materials, your online and offline advertising, your social media following, patient recommendations, and more.

  • Market Response in Real Time

    The success of dental postcard marketing services and campaigns depends on consistent monitoring and tweaking. Our complete suite of offerings is designed to boost the visibility of your practice among new and returning patients.

  • Demand Generation

    You may use our services to send postcards to patients in the midst of the sales funnel advertising dental services. These potential patients are familiar with your clinic but are still on the fence about making an appointment. Team with us today to create a custom postcard campaign to get prospects to visit your practice.

  • Patient Retention

    With the help of our print and postal services, dental practices can keep their clientele for the long haul. You can maintain contact and encourage repeat business by writing and sending thank-you notes, Christmas postcards, anniversary greetings, and the like.

  • Bulk Mailing

    Our API and automation tools make it easy for dental practices to send out dental recall cards in bulk. Ship one postcard or a thousand with the same convenience and affordability.

  • Reporting and Statistics

    Your dental postcards’ success will depend on how well they do in the real world. For this reason, we put a lot of resources into gathering and analysing statistics for each campaign we run in the dental sector.

Our Featured Services

Take advantage of our many years of service in direct mail. Everything you do for your patients should be reflected in your advertising. All of the dental postcards that your practice sends out to prospective customers will reflect the care you have for your patients because of the high standards we set for our products and services.

  • Postcard Design

    Our designers will collaborate with you to build a plan for your new mailing, and then design a stunning mailer to carry out that approach. Here at Head45 Dental, we don’t restrict you to a premade layout for your mailing. We collaborate with you to design distinctive, one-of-a-kind mailers that reflect the personality of your clinic and are in line with your website and existing branding.

  • Targeted Mailing List

    We employ the gold standard in market research technologies to pinpoint your target demographic. Our local expertise can aid you in determining the best areas to advertise in. By targeting your marketing campaign to the residences that are most likely to require the dental treatments you provide, you can boost your probability of obtaining the ideal new customers for your clinic and optimise your advertising spend.

  • Printing

    We want your postcards to attract the attention of your prospective patients. Our postcards are certain to stand out with their vibrant colours and shiny finish. All postcards sent to your target audience will be printed on thick, 16 pt. card material. Rest assured, your target audience will get high-quality advertising materials because your clinic is dedicated to providing excellent care.

  • Postage and Mailing

    To facilitate rapid delivery to the homes of your target patients, we will print and affix stamps to your mailers before dropping them off at your local post office. The Postal Service then promises delivery within 48 hours. This is how we know when your mailer will be sent and can follow its progress.

  • Call Tracking

    With a unique phone number on each postcard, we can monitor the efficacy of your promotion. Your office phone will be contacted immediately if this number is dialled. This monitoring system is available to you in real time. Our call monitoring system also allows you to look up past missed calls so you can easily return them. From any computer, tablet, or mobile device, you may quickly and easily access the data from your web dashboard. You won’t have to make any adjustments to how you handle calls since our monitoring software operates separately from your phone system.

Most Common Questions Asked By Clients
For Dental Postcard Marketing Services

  • Dental postcard marketing is a direct mail advertising strategy that involves sending postcards to potential patients to promote a dental practice’s services and increase patient acquisition.

  • Dental postcard marketing is effective because it allows for targeted advertising to a specific demographic or geographic area, and it can be personalised to include promotions or special offers. Additionally, postcards are easy to read and are more likely to be noticed than other forms of direct mail.

  • The frequency of dental postcard mailings can vary depending on the practice’s goals and budget. Some practices may send postcards monthly, while others may send them quarterly. It’s important to consistently stay in front of potential patients to keep your practice top of mind.

  • A dental postcard should include basic information such as the practice’s name, address, and phone number, as well as a clear call-to-action such as “schedule an appointment today” or “take advantage of our new patient special.” Additionally, it can be helpful to include a short message about the practice’s unique offerings or services.

  • To track the success of a dental postcard marketing campaign, you can use a unique promotional code or offer that can only be redeemed by patients who received the postcard. You can also track the number of new patients who schedule appointments or mention the postcard during their visit. Additionally, you can track the return on investment (ROI) by comparing the cost of the postcard campaign to the revenue generated by new patients.


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