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SEO For Dental Practices

Less than 1% of patients will go to the 2nd page of Google’s Search Results. That’s Why Dental SEO Matters!

Bussiness To The Top

While you tend to your patients,
we operate your clinic's ranking positions.

Over 70% of patients research dental practices online before calling. We make sure you show up on Google search top 5 positions.

Dentists benefit greatly from a specialized local search engine optimization strategy. At Head45 Dental, we provide the most effective and affordable Dental SEO plans and certified expect to achieve Top 5 Positions.

SEO for dentists makes it easier for prospective clients to find your clinic online. It’s an effective way of increasing website traffic, keyword ranks, and online visibility for your clinic without ever having to pay for an advertisement.

A dental SEO plan is what makes your clinic show up in the top results when a potential patient puts in “dentist near me” or any other combination of local dental search terms on Google.

Over seventy percent of people who use a search engine to find a new dentist will click on one of the top 5 results. More than 90% of readers won’t read past the first page.

Take hold of your local area with high keyword rankings.

  1. Are competitors ranking ahead of you?
  2. Not displayed on the Google Maps?
  3. Do you want more keywords ranked #1?
  4. Unsure about how SEO brings in new clients?

Organizations we endorse:

  • General Dentist
  • Cosmetic dentists
  • Orthodontists
  • Periodontists
  • Oral surgeons
  • Pediatric dentists
  • Endodontists
  • Prosthodontists

Scalable operations

With real-time resource availability, meet highly scalable requirements smartly.

Single point of contact

You will be assigned a dedicated project manager for all your needs as a single point of contact.

Highly adaptive

We are a highly adaptive SEO for Dentist Agency in UK that is acutely aware of the fact that change is constant. We are lauded for our openness towards goals and methods of execution.

Working technique

With a humanised process, we stay ahead of the game and are extremely productive.

Quick Turnaround Time

Meet all your urgent delivery requirements with our quick deliverables. We also provide you with time-zone flexibility.

What Your Can Expect For Your Dental SEO Journey

Head45 Dental is a provider of professional Dental SEO services that are guaranteed to be white hat techniques. Not only do we focus on growing your web presence organically but also seek to give you authority online with maximum credibility with our dental website SEO services. From submitting content to high-ranked sites to continuously updating and monitoring your progress, we establish quality links to reputable sites and get involved in online conversations whenever possible. With years of dental seo experience combined with tried and tested methods, we come up with a full proof strategy that is tailor-made for your needs.

  • Dental Local SEO

    Increased Google Maps accessibility

    Steady presence on the internet

    Enhanced Google feedbacks

  • Dental Organic SEO

    Innovative content generation

    Publicity from the community and business

    Enhanced user experience on websites

  • Concrete Performance indicators

    Reporting dashboard open at all times

    Tracking phone calls, completed forms, and online reservations

    Strategy insights from your committed account manager

Our Clear And Understandable
Process of Dental SEO

It’s an obvious fact that Dental SEO services require consistent monitoring and comprehension of the complexities of the cycles. Here is our own:

  • 1

    Analysis & Evaluation

    Our dental SEO team conducts market research and evaluation to better understand the target audience and develop strategies that align with your objectives, boost the efficacy of our SEO services for dentists, and bring in new clients.

  • 2

    SEO Strategy

    Our SEO plan will serve as your practice’s road map to help your local community and prospective patients find your dentist’s office at the top of search engine result pages.

  • 3

    Keyword Planning

    A well-thought-out keyword strategy will help your practice appear on the first page of search results for clients who are actively seeking your services.

  • 4

    Website Optimization

    We tailor your dentistry website’s optimization to the most recent search engine optimization guidelines to make sure that it appears highly in search results and that potential patients find your page to be both engaging and educational.

  • 5

    Off Page Optimization

    In order to help complete our on-page optimization process and subsequently improve your Google SEO ranks, our dental SEO service uses effective off-page SEO strategies like building high quality links to your website, optimizing brand mentions, guest blogging, social bookmarking, etc.

  • 6

    Analyse + Report

    For your practice’s SEO planning to start, you must set up SEO analysis and report systems. We continuously research competitors and SEO elements to provide strong dental SEO services that will assist your dental practice to succeed from your counterparts.

Most Common Questions Asked By Clients
For Dental SEO Services

  • We offer 3 investment plans, starting at £1500/month. We’ll help you select the plan that fits your goals. Because it takes time to get results, we require an initial 6-month retainer followed by a month-to-month contract that can be canceled at any time.

  • Absolutely. Every dentist we work with gets a customized report every month. Using data gathered in Google Analytics and other sources, this report highlights website traffic, phone calls driven by your website, new patient appointments, and progress towards your goals. We’ll also explain our strategy for the coming months. Your questions and feedback are always welcome.

  • We can’t promise #1 rankings for specific keywords. Nobody can! Dental SEO companies who make promises like that aren’t doing their clients or themselves any favors. At: Head45 Dental, we won’t work with you unless we believe we can help you reach your practice goals.

  • Right away! Request a 15-minute consultation and start seeing more of the right patients.

  • While we’ll start implementing a dental SEO strategy very quickly, results take time. That’s why we require a 6-month retainer for all new partners. It’s just not realistic to expect to see big changes overnight.


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