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Increase Your Dental Clinic’s Ranking On Google Search Engine and Convert Potential Visitors Into Patients With Advanced Dental SEO Marketing Service.

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Nurture More Organic Leads
With Effective Dental SEO Marketing Campaigns

With the right kind of seo services for Dentist, We helps create better engagement with your dental website visitors and potential patients. Top search ranking is not only the best way to attract more visitors and leads but is also helpful to consolidate the presence of your dental clinic in the online sphere. our experienced dental SEO consultant helps create better engagement with your dental website visitors and potential patients.

Dental SEO Services are essential for all dental clinics and we provide you with the best ROI by lowering down your per lead marketing cost and giving a boost to your lead conversion. As a leading dental SEO company, our SEO services for dentists are always in sync with your business objectives, to give you optimum results.

Global client base

We are a top Dental SEO agency that has extensive experience in serving dental clients across the UK.

Scalable operations

With real-time resource availability, meet highly scalable requirements smartly.

Single point of contact

You will be assigned a dedicated project manager for all your needs as a single point of contact.

Highly adaptive

We are a highly adaptive SEO for Dentist Agency in UK that is acutely aware of the fact that change is constant. We are lauded for our openness towards goals and methods of execution.

Working technique

With a humanised process, we stay ahead of the game and are extremely productive.

Quick Turnaround Time

Meet all your urgent delivery requirements with our quick deliverables. We also provide you with time-zone flexibility.

Our Dental SEO Services

Head45 Dental is a provider of professional Dental SEO services that are guaranteed to be white hat techniques. Not only do we focus on growing your web presence organically but also seek to give you authority online with maximum credibility with our dental website SEO services. From submitting content to high-ranked sites to continuously updating and monitoring your progress, we establish quality links to reputable sites and get involved in online conversations whenever possible. With years of dental seo experience combined with tried and tested methods, we come up with a full proof strategy that is tailor-made for your needs.

  • Local SEO

    Customising your SEO tactics and techniques for a geo-targeted audience, our local seo for dentists can help your business in marketing itself online. We are a one-stop-shop local seo for dental websites that provides local SEO audit, local citation building and management, site copy references in making your web presence more friendly and visible to local customers/prospects within your area.

  • International SEO

    For patients who are willing to travel abroad for dental treatments, they need to access websites that have a presence around the globe. International SEO is a way of ensuring that your rankings and visibility in other countries is as high as possible. As a global SEO company, we tailor your site according to each location and the most used search engine, language, currency as well as search volume.

  • Voice Search Optimisation

    Around 20% of search queries are voice-related. We optimise your dental practice website for voice search. Be it any size or location of your dental practice, we strive to create a positive user experience for your potential patients who want to reach you with the help of voice search. Adopting a better marketing strategy to cater to voice search, we enable your business in gaining a sharp edge in the industry.

  • Website Speed Optimisation

    We can help you in maximising your conversations, reducing your Google Ads post list and improving your efficiency on the office side, which in turn aids your SEO strategies as well. Website speed optimisation can help you in increasing your conversion rates and reducing your bounce rates, which will help you in garnering sales effectively.

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

    You can increase the percentage of traffic that fulfils your conversion goals, with the help of conversion rate optimisation. We are continuously hailed as the best dental SEO agency by our current clients for a reason. With a deep understanding of your marketing channels along with comprehensive analytics and an engaging device, we help you increase the value of your dental website traffic and go on to achieve your business goals.

  • SEO for Dental Start-ups

    Helping you with both on-site SEO and off-site SEO, we set up your new dental clinic for success. With optimum planning, research and implementation, we are sure that both aspects are set up for you in the best way possible on the spending budget that is easily available to you.

  • SEO Consultation

    Designed to support your dental practice growth, whether you are a small dental clinic that needs overall SEO strategies, or a large-scale clinic that is on the lookout for specific audit expertise, our Dental SEO consultants integrate yourself like your internal digital marketing team. Assessing your current position in strategy, we provide you with a strategic approach for your long-term growth.

Our Clear And Understandable
Process of Dental SEO

It’s an obvious fact that Dental SEO services require consistent monitoring and comprehension of the complexities of the cycles. Here is our own:

  • 1

    Consult with the client:

    Head45 Dental will consult with you to get an in-depth understanding of your dental clinic and its practices, the targeted demographic any previous or current strategy is implemented, future goals, etc. Undertaking a full review of the issues that surround your website, we also gain an understanding of the key marketing objectives for the year ahead.

  • 2

    Competitor research:

    SEO is as transparent as daylight, which means that we can assess any dental website to understand why it ranks higher or lower than any other website that might be targeting the same keywords in its search engines. Taking stock of your competitors, specific to the dental industry, we will identify which clinics occupy your current target search landscape and assess the practises that have been employed by them to get there.

  • 3

    Consumer research:

    Based on the information gained by the first two stages of research, we will help in identifying how your target patient is searching for your dental clinic services online.

  • 4

    Website audit:

    We will then go on to perform a comprehensive website audit, to identify any existing issues as well as areas that will require enhancement.

  • 5

    Keyword research:

    Based on the data that is gained through the first four stages, as well as statistics such as traffic volume and search intent, we will create a list of relevant keywords, that will be used for monitoring the campaign progress which of course will be one of the many campaign KPIs

  • 6

    Information architecture and user experience (UX) review:

    Head45 Dental will review the information architecture, conversion rate and UX of your dental website to explore possible enhancement by utilising our in-house graphic design and website design abilities.

  • 7

    Onsite optimisation:

    Based on the results of the first six stages, we will plan and implement on-site optimisation which will include the following steps:

    • Implementation of new information architecture
    • Internal anchor text optimisation
    • Canonical tags (checking, implementing or removing)
    • Implementation of 301 redirects
    • Sitemap optimisation
    • Correction of any front end errors flagged up in Search Console
    • Metadata optimisation
    • Alt tag optimisation and noScript optimisation
    • Implementation of robots.txt
    • Correction of 404 errors
    • Correction of faulty front end codeCreation and uploading of any additional SEO-specific code determined to be necessary by the account manager
  • 8

    Removal of duplicate copy/content:

    We will remove any duplicate content from the website.

  • 9

    Transactional content creation:

    With a team of in-house copywriters, we will create new transactional content or provide you with consultation for it.

  • 10

    External backlink analysis:

    A team of dental seo experts will analyse your back link portfolio, in order to identify any link spam. Any spam that is discovered will either be disavowed or removed.

  • 11

    Internal link analysis:

    Undertaking a review of your dental website’s internal linking structure, we will ensure that the link juice is distributed to the priority pages and also limit the amount that is being siphoned off by low priority pages.

  • 12

    Link building:

    Link building can be considered to be a niche form of online PR and is vital for a great SEO strategy. Many agencies get this process wrong, however, as a leading search engine marketing agency, this is something that we excel at.

  • 13

    Content creation:

    Head45 Dental will create meaningful, and informational dental content that provides value to your current and potential patients so that they can make informed decisions whenever necessary.

  • 14

    Structured data/schema markup

    We’ll implement structured data, schema markup throughout the website. Ranging from review schema, local business schema, service schema to ordered lists, product schema, and breadcrumb schema as applicable. We will give your business all possible chances of appearing in rich answers or snippets.

  • 15

    Ongoing analytical review:

    Monitoring your site performance closely, we’ll detect subtle changes in such behaviour on your website that will help us in adapting the campaign as necessary.

  • 16

    Ongoing conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and UX optimisation:

    In tandem with our analytical review, we will use Google Tag Manager and other forms of event tracking and user monitoring to enhance your dental website’s ability to convert visitors into patients. Our aim will be that of capturing, funnelling and converting potential customers at different stages throughout the buying cycle.

Most Common Questions Asked By Clients
For Dental SEO Services

  • SEO for dental practices are essential because it makes it comparatively easier for people on the web to find your dental practice on search engines when they are firing any queries. This helps in increasing your websites traffic, revenue and sales.

  • Head45 Dental has a vast talent pool of SEO experts who strive to offer the best SEO services. With more than a decade’s experience, our team can aid your dental clinic by helping you in being found by the right people, improving upon your user experience which means more sales and profitability for you.

  • You can contact us for your SEO requirements – all you need to do is reach out to us. You can let us know about all of your requirements along with the level of expertise and experience you require so we can craft a tailored dental SEO marketing strategy for you.

  • Yes, we provide you with optimum resources, as per your business needs. You get a comprehensive dental search engine marketing plan from us that is going to ensure that your organisation gets the traction it needs online.

  • We’re a leading SEO agency for dentists. When you are on the lookout for an operational partner, you are essentially looking out for reliability and expertise – this is exactly what we provide you. When we talk about SEO services, we have years’ worth of experience and a professional team of marketers, developers along with a host of global clients. We have consistently provided dental clinics in achieving their goals, scaling the operations and providing their businesses with a competitive edge over the others in the market.

  • Dental search engine optimisation requires a lot of patience and is essentially a long-term investment. Considering our experience in the industry, you can expect the results to start showing up within the first six months of implementation.

  • We believe in taking ownership of the work that we undertake. Assuming full responsibility for your project, along with the team that is going to be working on it, we make sure we provide you with the best SEO for dentists results that drive sales and boost revenue for your dental clinic for years to come.


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