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Drive more patients to your business with our laser-focused Invisalign marketing campaigns.

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Hundreds, if not thousands, of potential patients could be looking for an alternative to metal braces right now. We at Head45 Dental are the go-to Invisalign marketing and lead development agency and have perfected a method that consistently produces high-quality leads for Invisalign and provides complete branding customization for all of our lead-generating services. In addition to attracting more potential Invisalign patients, these strategies will also help you grow your clientele, strengthen your internet reputation, and build your practice’s brand.

The dentistry sector is very competitive, therefore your dental marketing efforts must be laser-focused and based on tried-and-true approaches. When you team with us, you will witness a prompt return on investment (ROI), as well as a sustainable cost of patient acquisition, which will assist you in rapidly expanding your practice. If you’re a dentist who’s more interested in long-term results from your work than in fast solutions, we’d like to work with your clinic and keep you up to date on Invisalign’s promotion and marketing strategies.

Invisalign Marketing for Dental Clinics

Makes Us Different?

  • Initial Consultation

    Head45 Dental will work with you to gain in-depth knowledge of your dental clinic and Invisalign services, the targeted demographic, any prior or current strategy applied, future objectives, etc. Our team will do a thorough analysis of your website and its surrounding challenges, as well as your year-end marketing goals, to better serve you.

  • Through Analysis

    Our Invisalign marketing strategy will consider every aspect of your practice, including your goals and target demographics, your competitors’ offerings, your strengths and weaknesses, brand identity and collateral materials, digital and offline advertising, social media presence, referrals, and more.

  • Dedicated Manager

    We handle every aspect of our clients’ Invisalign advertising campaigns. As a result, you can relax knowing that an impartial manager is overseeing your Invisalign marketing campaign from start to finish every step of the way.

  • Adapting to the Market Real Time

    Without combining online and offline strategies, your brand marketing efforts will fall short. Invisalign marketing services and campaigns need regular attention and fine-tuning to achieve maximum effectiveness. We provide a comprehensive set of services to ensure that your hard work is being seen and appreciated by prospective and existing patients.

  • Reporting and Statistics

    How effectively your Invisalign ads perform in the world will determine how successful they ultimately are. This is why we invest so much time and energy into data collection and analysis for every campaign we conduct for the dentistry industry.

Our Featured Services

We support dental practices all across the United Kingdom in acquiring new, high-quality patients who are considering Invisalign treatments including Invisalign Full, Invisalign Teen, Invisalign Lite, and Invisalign i7. By using well-thought-out and promoted marketing strategies, our experts will help you become the most trusted Invisalign provider in your area. Moreover, we will help you maintain the highest ethical standards to ensure that the care and services you provide are always of the highest quality. We place particular emphasis on the following Invisalign advertising services.


  • Google Ads & PPC

    We are experts in PPC management. We have a long history of success in connecting dentists with Invisalign patients, and we consistently get positive feedback from those who have used our services. Our enlightenment and openness will help you evaluate and expand your dental practice.

  • SEO

    To help your dental practice’s website rank higher in relevant search results, we offer SEO services that include research into keywords, an examination of your competitors’ strategies, the incorporation of those strategies into your website’s on-page design, and the creation of off-site links.

  • Web Design

    Want to make a long-lasting impression? To guarantee the maximum possible usability and customer happiness when it comes to Invisalign promotional materials and services, we use a cutting-edge web design strategy that renders sites appropriately across all platforms (including desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile) and screen sizes.

  • Content Marketing

    Experienced Invisalign marketing site writers and strategists will increase your brand’s authority, credibility, and consumer confidence via data-driven planning, specialised content creation, and cross-channel distribution. We’ll craft ethical, on-brand Invisalign marketing materials that demonstrate our familiarity with your target demographic and arms them with the information they need to make well-informed choices at every point in the patient experience.

  • Social Media Marketing

    If you want to spread the word about Invisalign, you can rely on our marketing firm to reach out to audiences on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We’ll take a look at how you’re currently promoting on social media and provide effective recommendations with Invisalign marketing images and Invisalign marketing videos for more patient intake.

  • Reputation Management

    We employ an active and automated process to gather feedback from patients and generate positive evaluations for your Invisalign services. These evaluations and feedback will also be posted on other review websites.


  • Systematic Monitoring and Reporting

    With the help of Call Recording and Monitoring, you can always know what’s going on at any given moment. Your own personal team will provide you with in-depth reports every month.

Most Common Questions Asked By Clients
For Invisalign Marketing Services

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the steps taken to improve a website’s visibility in organic search results. Your dental clinic for Invisalign can get greater online exposure and new patients by optimising its website using search engine optimization (SEO) strategies including the use of targeted keywords and phrases, producing high-quality content, and establishing authoritative backlinks.


  • PPC advertising, or pay-per-click advertising, is a model of internet marketing in which the advertiser pays only when a user interacts with the ad. In the case of attracting Invisalign patients, it might be an excellent approach to rapidly attract potential patients to your website. Advertisement networks like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads allow you to create and fine-tune your PPC campaigns.

  • Engaging with new patients, providing them with information about your business, and advertising deals and discounts are all possible via social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Posting before-and-after photographs, patient testimonials, and informative information on social media may also assist inform new patients about the benefits of Invisalign.

  • Because more and more people are utilising smartphones and tablets to access the internet, the website for your Invisalign clinic must be accessible from these devices. This ensures that the site is promptly loaded and can be navigated without difficulty even on mobile devices with smaller displays. Building a site that is responsive to mobile devices may enhance the user experience and encourage more patient users.

  • Google Analytics can be used to monitor the number of visitors to your website and the number of people who opt for Invisalign, and social media analytics can be used to assess the number of people who saw your posts. In addition, you can utilise A/B testing to compare the efficacy of various advertising approaches and call monitoring to monitor the number of calls that your campaigns produce.



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