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Local Dental SEO Service

Head45 Dental can assist patients in locating dental clinics online and optimise your Google My Business profile so that your services can stand out from the competition.

Bussiness To The Top

Delivering Maximum Value
With Precise Local SEO Marketing Campaigns for Dentists

One of the most successful and effective methods of attracting new patients to your dental practice is via local search engine optimization (SEO). In comparison to other forms of digital advertising, it has been shown to provide a better ROI. When people in your region are looking for a dentist, optimising your website for local search involves careful preparation and execution. At Head45 Dental, we have the knowledge and inventiveness to assist you in rising to the top of local search results and gaining more patients as a result.

We are proud to serve as a trusted partner to dentists all across the UK, and we take great pride in developing local dentist SEO and marketing strategies that are customised to meet the requirements of your practice. We never employ a one-size-fits-all strategy for expansion, and we are committed to looking out for your best interests at all times.

Local Dental SEO Services

The local SEO for dentists strategy we develop for you will be tailored to your specific business needs, geographic footprint, and existing website analytics. We will create a unique plan of action that is tailored to your company’s needs. Our team of experts can take care of every part of your search engine optimization, from technical SEO to exceptional content production. The marketing efforts we do are focused only on increasing your return on investment. Our services include:

  • Custom Local SEO Strategy

    We will prioritise the dental local SEO work that is necessary to provide you with the exposure you need to reach your goals by combining keyword research with our expertise in the field. To acquire the finest potential outcomes and a great return on investment as fast as feasible, we will detail our goals for your campaign and the actions we will take to accomplish them.

  • Local Content

    Local content is also important. This applies especially to publishing on Google My Business, social media platforms, and your website. Additionally, you may cross-post and cross-promote comparable material. Google My Business permits the usage of “Google Posts” in addition to images, videos, and Virtual Tours. We concentrate on Google My Business with Google Posts, Google Photos, Google Virtual Tours, and Google reviews for the majority of our local content.

  • Local Links & Citations

    Local search engine optimization relies heavily on establishing credibility in the eyes of potential patients, who will base their decision on your company’s online reputation. Head45 Dental will publish and maintain your citations through BrightLocal, Moz, and Yext, as well as manual submission of citation sources. Then, we’ll do online public relations to promote your company in media read by your intended demographic.

  • Google My Business (GMB)

    To facilitate quicker customer location, we will create and optimise your Google My Business listing(s). We’ll help your company get to the top of local search results by enhancing your Google My Business profile. We will assist you in making your GMB pages appear like they were designed to maximise click-through rate and sales.

  • Social Media Bookmarks & Management

    We’ll make sure all of your social media profiles are created, optimised, and running smoothly. The social bookmarks we provide for external citation sites are indexed by Google. We also include the submission of your social bookmark accounts and connections to more than 50 high-authority social sites that will be taken into account when calculating your backlinks. These connections have a lot of trust flow authority and should be used.

  • Review & Reputation Management

    Google Reviews and other third-party review sites are crucial for Search Engine rankings. Google has always prioritised displaying companies with the most and top ratings. In addition to Yelp, Facebook, and TripAdvisor, industry-specific review sites are also essential. Head45 focuses on increasing the number of Google and Yelp reviews for your company, as well as reacting to and managing these reviews, to enhance your Local SEO as a whole.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    We deliver transparent monthly reports that break down your dental local SEO campaign statistics and demonstrate how we’re achieving your objectives. Understandably, you’d rather not spend your free time poring through dry numbers and meaningless charts. Our reports are thus meant to be basic, straightforward, and entirely transparent.

Our Clear And Understandable
Approach To Local Dental SEO Service

Local Dentist SEO services involve regular monitoring and an understanding of the nuances of the cycles. Here is ours:

  • 1

    Consult With Client

    Head45 Dental will work with you to learn everything about your dental practice, including how you run your business, who you target with your marketing, what strategies you’ve used in the past, what you want to accomplish in the future, and more. While investigating the problems with your website, we learn about your primary marketing goals for the next year.

  • 2

    Competitor analysis

    Local SEO is as clear as the sun, which means we can evaluate any dentistry website to determine why it ranks better or lower than other websites targeting the same keywords in search engines. Using a dentistry industry-specific analysis of your rivals, we will determine which dental clinics occupy your current target search landscape and evaluate the strategies they’ve utilised to get there.

    Local SEO is as clear as the sun, which means we can evaluate any dentistry website to determine why it ranks better or lower than other websites targeting the same keywords in search engines. Using a dentistry industry-specific analysis of your rivals, we will determine which dental clinics occupy your current target search landscape and evaluate the strategies they’ve utilised to get there.

  • 3

    Consumer Search

    Based on the findings of the first two rounds of research, we will assist you in determining how your target patient searches online for dental clinic services.

  • 4

    Website Audit

    Our next step will be to conduct an in-depth analysis of your website to spot any problems and places in need of improvement.

  • 5

    Keyword Research

    We will compile a list of relevant local keywords based on the information gathered in the previous four steps, as well as data like traffic volume and search intent. This list will be used to track the success of the campaign, which is only one of several key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • 6

    Information architecture and user experience (UX) review

    Using our in-house graphic design and website design skills, Head45 Dental will analyse your dental website’s information architecture, conversion rate, and user experience (UX) to identify areas for improvement.

  • 7

    Elimination of duplicate content

    Duplicate material will be removed from the website.

  • 8

    Transactional Content Creation

    We have an in-house staff of copywriters that can generate fresh transactional content for you or consult with you on how to improve existing material.

  • 9

    External Backlink Analysis

    Your portfolio of backlinks will be analysed by a group of dental SEO specialists who will look for spammy links to eliminate them. If spam is detected, it will be disavowed or deleted.

  • 10

    Internal Link Analysis

    We’ll analyse your dentistry website’s internal linking structure to make sure that the most important pages are getting the most link equity and that low-importance sites aren’t stealing too much.

  • 11

    Link Building

    Link building is a specialised form of online public relations that is essential to a successful local SEO dental marketing strategy. As the industry’s premier search engine marketing firm, we thrive at this procedure, unlike the majority of our competitors.

  • 12

    Content Development

    Head45 Dental will provide informative dental material that delivers value to your present and prospective patients, allowing them to make educated choices whenever required.

  • 13

    Markup for Structured Data/Schema

    We will apply structured data and schema markup across the whole website. As relevant, they include review schema, local business schema, service schema, sorted lists, product schema, and breadcrumb schema. We will provide your company with every opportunity to appear in rich replies and snippets.

  • 14

    Ongoing Analytic Review

    By regularly monitoring your website’s performance, we’ll be able to spot tiny shifts in user behaviour that will allow us to adjust the campaign as needed.

  • 15

    Ongoing Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) And UX Optimisation

    In addition to doing an in-depth analysis, we will use Google Tag Manager and other kinds of event tracking and user monitoring to increase your dentistry website’s efficiency in converting visitors into clients. Our focus will be on identifying prospective buyers at various points in the sales process and then guiding them toward a purchase.

Most Common Questions Asked By Clients
For Dental Local SEO Services

  • Local SEO is a type of search engine optimization that helps your website rank better in the search results for location-based queries. For instance, a South London-based dental firm might rank for queries such as “South London dentists.” Occasionally, patients may also use search terms such as “dentist near me”

  • Patients increasingly seek specialists in their immediate proximity. This implies that you must rank for your local audience to drive significant traffic to your clinic. Local SEO is now required for all contemporary dentistry and medical offices that want to capitalise on the internet’s potential and increase their profitability.

  • GMB, or Google My Business, is the most important component of any local SEO plan. This Google feature permits the creation of free business listings. It is one of the most important characteristics Google will evaluate when ranking companies in organic local search and snack pack results.

  • The short answer is yes; they certainly do. As more people look for companies and services online, reviews are replacing word-of-mouth referrals. Reviews serve to illustrate the quality of the reviewer’s experience with your business.

  • Local search is based on three pillars: proximity, prominence, and relevance. Local SEO combines a variety of technical and creative strategies to persuade search engines that a company should rank prominently in their results as a relevant response to online searchers close to each business location.


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