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We are a team of solution-focused individuals who will go above and beyond to give meaning to your online presence with the help of an insight-led strategy. At Head45 Dental, we understand that each business is unique and that one size never fits all. We make sure that all your digital channels and marketing avenues complement each other to help you achieve your business goals.

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Product Services and Strategy

Utilise digital content to achieve your business objectives. Whether you are looking to increase your website traffic, strengthen your online presence, raise brand awareness, try to perform better in search rankings or generate leads, the right marketing services can help you reach your goals.

With the right strategy and plan of action towards the creation, publishing, and sharing of content, Head45 Dental takes a strategy-first, data-driven approach to provide you with marketing services that are a league apart.

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Marketing Servicese

Starting with excellent foundational knowledge within the dental market, Head45 Dental will begin the creation of your marketing strategy by gaining an understanding of your previous performance, targets, and the marketing tactics utilised. Understanding where your business truly stands when talking about the competitive landscape, we help you develop a strategy that helps you realise all your business objectives.

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    Remarketing / Retargeting

    Targeting an audience that has already interacted with your brand is a strategy that works well in the form of remarketing. Research has shown that consumers like to visit a site multiple times before they end up making a purchase/enquiry. Creating a remarketing strategy will help in reminding users to continue visiting your website and also increase your click-through rates in multitude via enhanced reach and attribution.

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    Content Marketing

    Our writers, creators, advisors and thinkers direct point-by-point research, interviews with experts and indulge in SEO content planning to recognise what the trending topics are. We then go on to produce astute, quality content that is also engaging, so that you get the best results out of the marketing strategy.

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    Email Marketing

    Working constantly to optimise your marketing output, with the help of consultative email marketing services, Head45 Dental will work with you to create an effective marketing strategy that has been aligned with your goals. From the very onset, we analyse your existing email marketing campaigns, review your strategy, continue on the already successful areas, highlight the areas that need improvement and then suggest techniques that will help you in boosting your engagement and ROI.

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    Landing Pages

    Your landing pages play an extremely important role in your marketing and advertising efforts. With the help of our professional landing page design services, you’ll be able to harness maximum impact of these pages. Aiding you in increasing your sales, enhancing campaign quality, and driving revenue upwards – Head45 Dental’s custom landing page designs will help you in meeting your business objectives.

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    Video/ App Promotions

    With the help of our video/app promotion services you can increase your visibility and conversion rates on app stores, or get traction out of your video promotions in acquiring new customers in a scalable and profitable manner. Our marketing services will increase your outreach and make sure that your target audience responds to it.

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    Conversion Rate Optimisation

    Improve your website performance and ensure that it’s working as hard as possible to give you the best return on your objectives. Our team of experts can deliver increased conversion rates – ranging from A/B and multivariate testing, journey analysis and UX audits to managing your customer feedback and cart abandonment analysis. We give you the best results and maximum impact.


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